A to Z beauty tips

Hey everyone! Back to beauty tips, this time I’m giving you a guide of the must have/must know in beauty 🙂 It’s a list I made from A to Z through beauty tips 🙂

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I tried the “Jamsu” !

Hi everyone ! Back with a new topic today. Have you ever been complaining about how your make up became oily throughout the day? Have you ever whished that your skin stayed matte throughout the whole day? Well I may have found a solution for you. Recently a new trend has emerged in South Korea and it’s called the “Jamsu”. Curious to find out more about it?

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t trust your bathroom scale

Hello everyone ! Very popular topic today because I’m going to talk about the bathroom/weight scale. Usually, us girls we’re afraid of it. We have goal numbers in our head that are not so easy to achieve. And what is more upsetting than to excercise regularly and/or be on a food diet and see that the numbers on the scale aren’t decreasing? Or sometimes even increase? That’s why I am writing this article today, because we the years and practice and experiences, I have come to learn that the scale isn’t our BFF.

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Clarins favorites

Today’s post will be about Clarins. I have known this brand for ages (literally for ages) and I have always loved their products. Lately, I have been using many products from that lovely brand that I wanted to share with you guys. I’m warning you, this won’t be the only post about Clarins !

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Primark’s cosmetic line

Today I want to talk about Primark’s cosmetic line. It won’t exactly be a “nice” post considering that I’m a bit disappointed.

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May’s favorite

New post today about May’s favorite ! I know I always take some time to publish it but trust me, it’s worth the wait ! Without further ado, let’s get started !

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April’s favorites

With some delay, I’m here today to talk about my favorite products from April. Some of them were already mentionned in my night skincare routine.

Palmer’s have recently launched their range of Rapid Moisture Spray Lotions which makes it quicker and easier to apply on the skin. You have many versions :


My ultimate favorite is the Palmer’s cocoa butter formula spray lotion (the first on the left). I’m dying to try them all cause I simply love the cocoa smell and for once, the “rapid absortion”mention is legit. By the time I walk back to my bedroom to get dressed, the lotion is fully absorbed so my skin isn’t sticky at all. Also, the spray might seem a bit awkward to use at first but I find it very efficient and above all very clean. No lotion drops everywhere, the bottle remains clean and you can lock the cap if you want to travel and take the lotion with you. As recommended, it’s best to apply the product directly to the skin from 7 – 10 cm away and then gently rubb it into the skin. The texture of the product is very light, compared to traditionals body moisturisers, so it’s easier to rub it into the skin and you don’t need a big amount because it spreads very easily. In conclusion, this Palmer’s cocoa butter spray lotion is a very good moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. 

Staying with Palmer’s, I talked about it in my night skincare routine it’s the Palmer’s dry oil. As I said in my other post, it leaves a very thin oily layer on the skin and it’s made of 10 pure precious oils, Retinol, Vitamin C and the Cetesomate-E® Complex along with natural Cocoa Butter. It delivers multi-purpose, anti-aging skin benefits. The oils help moisturize and smooth fine lines and wrinkles while Retinol and Vitamin C help improve and brighten the skin tone and texture. This lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly. It smells good (like roses) and I definitely see a difference when I use it, my skin is clearer, homogeneous and brighter. My skin looks overall “younger” with a more glowing and firm appearance.

Other product I already mentioned in my previous post, the Bioderma Crealine H2O.  The Bioderma’s formula is without perfume, alcohol and paraben, it cleans your skin gently, while protecting irritation. It fights redness which is good when your skin is daily agressed with pollution, heat, air conditionner etc. In one word, it’s a very good product, respectful to the skin and you have 3 versions available in pharmacy depending on your skin type. Here are all the different formulas you can find : 


Moving on to a brand I really love and it’s Nuxe. I recently started using the Nuxe Rêve de Miel body and face cleansing gel. It smells divine and honestly I’ve never been disappointed with this brand. The products always smell good and have positive effects on my skin that I find brighter, clearer and without any redness or pimples. This cleansing gel does its job, it removes the make up and leaves the skin perfectly clean. The product is specifically formulated to clean and purify the face (and body) with dry and sensitive skin. tThe cleansing gel cleanses the skin of all impurities without any drying or aggressive effect. Its composition, enriched with honey and sunflower, soothes delicate skin and reduces the sensation of dryness leaving your skin soft and hydrated.


Last skincare products, the Clarins skin boosters. Clarins proposes 3 small skin boosters to be used for  lack of energy, tired skin or dull complexion. The idea is like a Mix & Match : a few drops of the booster of your choice mixed with you day cream (or night cream), and you have a custom recipe. The difference between the 3 formulas is the use you’ll make of them :”detox”, “repair”, “energy”. The effect is in the short term, unlike a serum or a cream that has moiturizing or anti-aging properties, the boosters are here to occasionally “boost” your skin. They contain less than 10 ingredients and the formulas are simple but efficient : no silicone and no mineral oil, 1 vegetable extract + 2 or 3 additional plant extracts and basic ingredients (like water, anti-bacterial agent, etc.).

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  • The Repair Booster is to be used for environmental or chemical agressions (sun, light surgery, dermatological peeling etc.). It contains mimosa extract that helps repair skin, reduce redness and discomfort, it optimizes skin recovery.
  • The Detox Booster is more of a daily basis product. It’s for the average woman that can have a stressful or busy life. The extract of green coffee helps to detoxify the skin, restore radiance to a dull and tired skin.
  • The Energy Booster is more for extreme circumstances (little sleep, stress, hangover, jet lag, long flight etc.). The formula contains ginseng which no longer needs to prove itself. After a cure with Energy Booster you’ll have a less tired and more radiant skin.

I personnaly use the Detox and Energy boosters. I never use them together (you can but I wouldn’t recommend it) and I mix 2 to 3 drops with my day cream. I have never actually try them overnight but I’m planning on trying it out to see if there’s any difference. The good side is that the booster doesn’t alterate the texture of my cream so it doesn’t make it more sticky or oily which is a very good point when you put makeup on right after ! Another good point is that you don’t have to get rid of your cream or completely change your routine. The boosters are just a little plus you can use when your skin needs a little boost. It’s like the cherry on top of the cake ! So far I’m happy with them, I don’t see a huge difference on my skin but I do look less tired and more radiant.

Last but not least, the Petit Marseillais Shine Spray for hair. I’ve used this brand’s products a lot and never have been disappointed. This hair spray is based on vinegar fruit and cotton extract, it smells very good, doesn’t grease the hair and lightly perfume it. I use it from time to time when my hair smells like food or cigarette because of the environment. It’s also a good way to give your hair some texture. Not to be used as a dry shampoo, it won’t do anything to make your hair look less greasy!


Decoration details :

  • The pineapple was purchased at Primark. It’s a decorative / piggy bank pineapple 🙂
  • The candle was also purchased at Primark and is coconut scented.