Happy New Year 2017 !

A very short post just to wish everyone a happy new year 2017 !

I hope it will bring everyone happiness, health, love and success in your projects 🙂

People believe that with the new year come the resolutions but I think that everyday is a new start and a chance to start something and give ourself the opportunity to work for our dreams.

So if any of you has plans or wishes for this new year, remember to work and fight for it everyday and, if sometimes you fail or want to give up, it’s fine because we’re humans and we can’t always be at our best. Just remember not to let the negative things in life take you down and keep doing your best !

Let 2017 begin !

10 things I love about Christmas

Hey everyone ! Very short post about 10 things I love during Christmas time 🙂 I know it has been a long time since I last post an article on my blog but I got super busy with my new job and everything. Anyway, let’s get into it !

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Must read !!

I’m a big fan of books. I am fascinated by how words can transport you to a whole new dimension, living stories as if they were yours. But I never thought I would find one that would open a whole new world to me. Continue reading “Must read !!”