How long do you have to walk to actually lose weight?

Hello everyone ! New topic today : how long do you have to walk everyday to actually lose weight? Well, when we go on a diet or try to get back in shape we often go for high intensity activities such as running, body building, or hours spent at the gym but we usually don’t think of the most basic and easiest physical activity : walking.

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How to become a runner?

Running is an ideal option for those who want to start doing some more exercise. I have always been chosing this option ever since I started to go on diets or just try to have a more healthy lifestyle. Why is running interesting?

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How to lose weight in a healthy way?

New topic but a very famous one ! I am in no way a professional (nutritionist, fitness coach or anything) but I am a woman and I have been struggling with my weight as well. Throughout my journey I came to understand a few things about losing weight. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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