A to Z beauty tips

Hey everyone! Back to beauty tips, this time I’m giving you a guide of the must have/must know in beauty 🙂 It’s a list I made from A to Z through beauty tips 🙂

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Puppy Eyeliner

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog 🙂 Today I want to quickly talk about a new trend that, once again, was imported from South Korea. As you may know, or not, I’ve lived there for almost two years and have always been a huge fan of the make-up trends and innovations originated from there. So today, new make-up trend : the puppy eyeliner!

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I tried the “Jamsu” !

Hi everyone ! Back with a new topic today. Have you ever been complaining about how your make up became oily throughout the day? Have you ever whished that your skin stayed matte throughout the whole day? Well I may have found a solution for you. Recently a new trend has emerged in South Korea and it’s called the “Jamsu”. Curious to find out more about it?

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t trust your bathroom scale

Hello everyone ! Very popular topic today because I’m going to talk about the bathroom/weight scale. Usually, us girls we’re afraid of it. We have goal numbers in our head that are not so easy to achieve. And what is more upsetting than to excercise regularly and/or be on a food diet and see that the numbers on the scale aren’t decreasing? Or sometimes even increase? That’s why I am writing this article today, because we the years and practice and experiences, I have come to learn that the scale isn’t our BFF.

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Korean cosmetics

Hi everyone ! Today I want to talk about Korean cosmetics. As I lived for about a year and a half in South Korea (Seoul) I had time to experiment the market and try out a few products. So I wanted to share with you guys my impressions 🙂

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Clarins favorites

Today’s post will be about Clarins. I have known this brand for ages (literally for ages) and I have always loved their products. Lately, I have been using many products from that lovely brand that I wanted to share with you guys. I’m warning you, this won’t be the only post about Clarins !

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Primark’s cosmetic line

Today I want to talk about Primark’s cosmetic line. It won’t exactly be a “nice” post considering that I’m a bit disappointed.

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