10 cute things for home under 10 euros

Hi everyone ! Welcome back on my blog 🙂 Today I just want to quickly show you 10 cute things that are under 10 euros ! Ideas for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Valentine’s day gift or maybe just a little treat to yourself ^^ Anyway, here it is !

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10 things I love about Christmas

Hey everyone ! Very short post about 10 things I love during Christmas time 🙂 I know it has been a long time since I last post an article on my blog but I got super busy with my new job and everything. Anyway, let’s get into it !

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10 things that make you less likable

Actually it will only be 5 things that you may do and that might make you less likable for people surrounding you.

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10 things I hate about Paris

I thought that, for once, I would make a list of the negative things and today it will be about living in Paris. It’s easy to find out on the internet what are the good sides of the capital but what’s really behind it? Let’s find out with the 10 things that I hate about Paris!

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10 things every girl should know about beauty

As cliché as this may sound, I have always been thinking every girl is beautiful in her own way. Every girl has her own style, sense of fashion, way to feel attractive and way to be attractive. But, there are things that every girl should know about beauty. So without further a due here are the 10 Commandments of beauty.

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10 things that will keep stress away

Throughout a year, there are countless times when you might feel down, stressed, tired and overall unhappy. Well, here are 10 things that will keep the stress away ! Continue reading “10 things that will keep stress away”