Fitbit Review

Hi everyone ! Welcome back to my blog 🙂 Just a quick article today on the Fitbit watch. I got it for Christmas and purposedly waited some time to try it out before giving you my opinion. So after 4 months of wearing it, here is my review!

First of all, I have the fitbit Alta in black and these are the features :

  • Monitoring of daily activities
  • Activity reminders
  • Smart-track
  • Automatic sleep monitoring
  • Activity and time display
  • Call, sms, calendar alert
  • Possibility to change the band (sold separately)

Overall, I am satisfied with the Fitbit. I have always been curious to monitor my daily activities and sleep and it’s quite convenient since you can wear it as an accessory. The app for smartphone is easy to use and well thought out.

However, the Fitbit looks very masculine and athletic (black rubber band) which is not exactly my style so I bought two other bracelets on Amazon and it turns out it fits perfectly and it’s cheaper than buying bracelet on the Fitbit website. However, if you consider buying bands or bracelets on Amazon, make sure to read the reviews of the seller.

So here are my feedbacks :

  • Monitoring of daily activities : I think that the Fitbit counts some arm movements as steps but they’re not, so I’m afraid the count at the end of the day is wrong…
  • Activity reminders : It works perfectly fine. Every hour the watch vibrates and encourages you to move.
  • Smart-track : It works fine but whenever I work out and do weightlifting or work on my muscles, the watch doesn’t count it as exercising. You really have to move repeatedly for it to detect an activity.
  • Automatic sleep monitoring : It’s interesting to know how long you actually slept and how well, but whenever you remain still (in front of TV or in bed while reading, watching a movie or trying to sleep) the Fitbit assumes you’re sleeping but you’re not. So the monitoring isn’t always quite accuratre on that either.
  • Activity and time display : nothing to report, it works fine.
  • Call, sms, calendar alert : I didn’t turn that feature on because I consider we are enough sollicitate all day on our smartphone without having our watches reminding us we have emails, text messages or missed calls.

Overall, I’m really happy with my fitbit even though I noticed that the monitoring of the Fitbit isn’t exactly accurate even before changing the bracelet. You can personnalize it by changing the bracelet, you can also change the time display depending on your preferences. I must have to admit I got used to it and barely wear my regular watches anymore. I don’t consider buying another one (a more recent version for example) but i’ll probably change the bracelet again ^^

I hope this article was useful to you and if you are on your way to a new diet or a new lifestyle, I highly recommend you get a Fitbit.

Thank you for reading !


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