“Brodeck’s report” (Book Review)

Hi everyone ! Back after a while 🙂 some much happened in my life recently that I barely had time for myself ^^ But anyway, I’m here today to talk about the last book I read which is called “Brodeck’s Report” and was written by a french author : Philippe Claudel.

Very simply put, the book is about a man called Brodeck who investigates the murder of a mysterious man in an indefinite country just after the war. The book won the Prix Goncourt des Lycéens (high school students’s prize) and the Independant Foreign Fiction Prize. The location and the time are never explicit in the novel, such as the language used sometimes (but that is translated), however the parallel with World War II is obvious and there’s no doubt that the story is located in Germany, in a very small village.

I have to say, I was very frustrated when I read and finished this book because the story isn’t that much about the man’s murder but rather about Brodeck’s life and how he ended up in this village and in the situation of having to write a report on the mysterious man’s murder. You can feel the tension building up, you get really curious about what happened to him and who is the mysterious man. But this isn’t a thriller or a book about an investigation as I thought it would be, which made it hard for me to read at first because I had hoped it would be a detective story.

Nonetheless, the story is very well written, moving and very poetic. Honestly, I’ve rarely read such beautiful and thorough descriptions. It’s pleasant to read but it’s not entertaining in the way that the story is about serious matters such as the war.

My warning and advice would be to read this book for its beauty, for the smart use of words rather than for the story itself. If you’re curious about the murder, and if what you’re looking for is a thriller or a very basic investigation, don’t read this book.

My grade : 6/10


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