A to Z beauty tips

Hey everyone! Back to beauty tips, this time I’m giving you a guide of the must have/must know in beauty 🙂 It’s a list I made from A to Z through beauty tips 🙂

So here’s the list !

A. Artist : using and applying make-up is like painting on a canvas. You need to be creative but precise and skillful wich requires tons of traigning ! It’s alright if you make mistakes are first, don’t give up and keep practicing, it’ll definitely pay off one day ! 

B. Blush : I’ve always believed that a good make-up isn’t completed until you apply blush on your cheeks. Put some life on that face !

C. Contouring : a not-so-new-anymore trend but I need to admit it really brings out your features and structures your face. A must for make-up addicts !

D. Detox : No make-up, as good as it is, can perfectly cover up flaws. If you want a nice, flawless and fresh make-up, you need to take care of your skin. In the process of taking care of your skin, detox is an important step. How can you do that? Drink plenty of water and detoxifying tea, get good nights of sleep, eat healthy (fruits, vegetables, fish and low fat meat) and exercise to eliminate toxins in your body and breathe fresh air in the process. 

E. Eyebrows : eyebrows structure your face and your look. See it for yourself : there’s no make-up tutorial that skips eyebrows nowadays.

F. Foundation : it definitely has the best coverage and a perfect finish but I’ll concede that some girls might prefer BB creams, CC creams, tinted cream or powders. It’s up to you ! It also depends on the quality of your skin (redness, pimples, dark circles, little scars, etc.).I always go for powder or BB cream (Erborian being my favorite one) and use foundation only for special occasions ! 

G. Glow : a glowing face changes it all ! Make sure to use a base to get your skin ready for make up, drink a lot and sleep enough  (minimum of 7 / 8hrs per night). 

H. Highlighter : also a not-so-new trend since it has been on the market for quite some time now. Really brings some light to your face. You can apply it on your forehead, cheekbones, nose  bridge, upper lip and chin to bring light to the most exposed zones of your face.

I. Illuminating : pretty much the same thing as highlighting but an illuminater can be used all over the face as a base to get your skin ready for foundation.

J. Joy: happiness is also one of the things that can make you look beautiful ! A peaceful and happy mind is attractive to others so put a smile on 😉 if you want to achieve a positive mind set, here are a few things you can do : sleep enough, exercise regularly, eat healthy, meditate and take a deep breathe during crisis ^^ I will soon write an article on how to have any positive mind set 😉 

K. Khol : I love this one. It’s a basic that I don’t use everyday but for a night out or a special event I cannot skip it !

L. Lipstick : I don’t use it everytime, I’m more of a “eyes” make-up kinda girl but lipstick really pops your make-up! Make sure to chose a color adapted to your skin tone and to work on your lips line before applying lipstick.  Also, don’t forget to use lip balm everyday to keep your lips plump and moisturized. 

M. Moisturizing : a must!! Detox your skin and moisturize it to make it beautiful and glowy. Everytime you wash your face, don’t forget to put some cream on as water can be really aggressive to your skin and dehydrate it. Use cream twice a day (morning/evening). 

N. New : don’t hesitate to buy new products to try out some new things but also to renew your collection and avoid using old products that might not be good for your skin. 

O. Oxygen : sometimes (on week-ends or during evenings and holidays) please don’t wear make up and let your skin breathe. Remember that it is not supposed to be constantly covered in foundation or powder.

P. Practice : Using make-up is like any other activity, you need to practice to master it. It’s fine if at first you have to do your cateye over and over again because it won’t be as you want it to be.

Q. Q-10 : a must for your skin to prevent/correct wrinkles ! You find it in pretty much every wrinkle cream nowadays.

R. Remove (make-up) : no matter what time it is or what you’ve been up to during your day (or night), don’t ever go to bed with make up on !! There’s nothing worse for your skin. It’ll make it age faster so please ladies, take 5 minutes to clean your face and give it some time off from make-up.

S. Soothing : make sure to use skin care products that are respectful, relaxing and refreshing for your skin. A beautiful skin is the best way to achieve a beautiful make-up.

T. Tint : you have cheek tints or lips tints, it’s fun, colorful and usually perfect for summer make-up because tints give a natural finish!

U. Urban : When you live in the city, it’s not just about wearing make-up, it’s also about pollution, contaminated air and every kind of particles that can affect your skin. During the day, you accumulate dirt, dust and pollution on your skin. Trust me, you want to wash all that when you come home before going to bed.

V. V-shape : it’s something that is believe ot be the perfect face-shape in Asia. I personally believe that every face shapes are pretty, you just have to know how to work with your features and soften or emphasize them.

W. Wrinkles : as much as women want to get rid of them, I think that there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman with facial expressions and cute wrinkles. And if you still want to get rid of them, 2 words : moisturize and remove (your make-up)!

X. Ok that’ll be the only letter that doesn’t inspire me… ^^ moving on !

Y. Younger : If you want to have a healthy skin and look younger, there’s nothing better than taking care of it. I cannot say that enough : moisturize and clean it! Also, adopt a healthy lifestyle (drink tons of water, sleep enough, exercise, eat healthy) I cannot say that enough times ! 

Z. Zero flaws : how to sum up this article? I just said it. To have a zero flaws skin, let it breathe, clean it twice a day even when you’re not wearing make up, use respectful products and moisturize your skin as much as you can. And don’t forget the healthy lifestyle 😉


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