Puppy Eyeliner

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog 🙂 Today I want to quickly talk about a new trend that, once again, was imported from South Korea. As you may know, or not, I’ve lived there for almost two years and have always been a huge fan of the make-up trends and innovations originated from there. So today, new make-up trend : the puppy eyeliner!

Cute name isn’t it? As opposition to the cateye of course !

It’s also considered to be a funny, easy and cute way to draw your eyeliner and twist your everyday make up !

It can be done by anyone and it fits everyone : blue, green, brown eyes and every shape, it doesn’t matter what kind of eyes you have because this technique just simply follows your natural eye shape and eyelashes’ line.

Here’s the technique :

1. Draw a line on your eyelid that follows your eyelashes’line with a black pencil or a khol. Go from the inner to the outter corner of both eyes.


2. Now use a liner to draw on top of this pencil line. Make sure not to go further the outter corner of your eye.


3. Now the most important part : the wing should go a bit down and not up as we usually do ! Puppy eyes suppose a pouting, adorable look, not a feline sexy one like the cateye.


=> Tip : You can also underline the outline of your eyes if you want to give it a more feminine, less girly look.


Now you know everything about this new trend, so take out your pencils and liners ! 😀

NB : watch the tutorial on Youtube here – video by Clinique

Photos credit to Clinique

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