A to Z beauty tips

Hey everyone! Back to beauty tips, this time I’m giving you a guide of the must have/must know in beauty 🙂 It’s a list I made from A to Z through beauty tips 🙂

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10 cute things for home under 10 euros

Hi everyone ! Welcome back on my blog 🙂 Today I just want to quickly show you 10 cute things that are under 10 euros ! Ideas for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Valentine’s day gift or maybe just a little treat to yourself ^^ Anyway, here it is !

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Puppy Eyeliner

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog 🙂 Today I want to quickly talk about a new trend that, once again, was imported from South Korea. As you may know, or not, I’ve lived there for almost two years and have always been a huge fan of the make-up trends and innovations originated from there. So today, new make-up trend : the puppy eyeliner!

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Marilyn Monroe’s best quotes

Not only because I admire her as a woman, but also because she had a way to inspire people, today I want to share some of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous quotes. Here is my selection of her 15 best quotes 🙂

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Color of the year : Ox Blood

Hey guys! Back with a different topic today and a different style for this article. As I scrolled down on Instagram or Pinterest (my two most favorites social networks ever for inspiration, tips, recipes, motivation boosts, etc.) I came across this new trend color for autumn/winter and, although it isn’t something really new, I had to make inspirational boards because I just love this color ^^. So today I wanted to show you this autumn/winter color : Ox Blood.

The name is weird and honestly, it’s kinda like the Burgundy color but it has more depth to it. Burgundy tends to be like a dark-red, ox blood is darker, it’s a black-red color that I really love. I think that color is very chic, sophisticated and easy to wear and combine with other colors.

This season, you can find it in fashion, beauty but also accessories, cars and decoration!

Here are some examples 🙂



2016 Books – review

Hi everyone ! I want to start this new year with a little overview of the books I read in 2016. I already wrote a post about a book that I really loved (you can check it here) but I thought I could quickly go over all the books I read this year 🙂

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Happy New Year 2017 !

A very short post just to wish everyone a happy new year 2017 !

I hope it will bring everyone happiness, health, love and success in your projects 🙂

People believe that with the new year come the resolutions but I think that everyday is a new start and a chance to start something and give ourself the opportunity to work for our dreams.

So if any of you has plans or wishes for this new year, remember to work and fight for it everyday and, if sometimes you fail or want to give up, it’s fine because we’re humans and we can’t always be at our best. Just remember not to let the negative things in life take you down and keep doing your best !

Let 2017 begin !