I tried the “Jamsu” !

Hi everyone ! Back with a new topic today. Have you ever been complaining about how your make up became oily throughout the day? Have you ever whished that your skin stayed matte throughout the whole day? Well I may have found a solution for you. Recently a new trend has emerged in South Korea and it’s called the “Jamsu”. Curious to find out more about it?

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5 ways to boost your metabolism and start to lose weight

For some of us, losing weight isn’t that easy. I know that after years and years of dieting, doing the yo-yo (my weight going up and down) and after mistreating my body into intense physical activities and/or low calories diets, my body now rejects my attempts to lose weight. I have to put more efforts to it and wait longer before getting any results. So I have been doing some research to find out how I could boost my metabolism and finally start to lose weight.

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