Korean cosmetics

Hi everyone ! Today I want to talk about Korean cosmetics. As I lived for about a year and a half in South Korea (Seoul) I had time to experiment the market and try out a few products. So I wanted to share with you guys my impressions 🙂

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Clarins favorites

Today’s post will be about Clarins. I have known this brand for ages (literally for ages) and I have always loved their products. Lately, I have been using many products from that lovely brand that I wanted to share with you guys. I’m warning you, this won’t be the only post about Clarins !

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Primark’s cosmetic line

Today I want to talk about Primark’s cosmetic line. It won’t exactly be a “nice” post considering that I’m a bit disappointed.

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May’s favorite

New post today about May’s favorite ! I know I always take some time to publish it but trust me, it’s worth the wait ! Without further ado, let’s get started !

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